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The Healthy Families Leaflet: Leaflet: A leaflet to help families understand essential health messages.

A Guide To Enterprise: A simple guide to enterprise education

Becoming a Community School: A simple guide prepared by The International Centre of Excellence for Community Schools.

Community Schools in Africa  This is a literature review of research into Community Schools in Africa. It was written in 2012.

Survey of Community Schools 2012   This is a brief snapshot survey  of NGOs in Russia, Eastern Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union and central Asia. It was written in 2012 for the Mott Foundation which has funded much of the work.

Beyond the School Gates  Alan Dyson, Paper presented at the AERA annual meeting, San Diego, April 2009

Developing Children’s Zones in England  Alan Dyson, Kirstin Kerr, Carlo Raffo and Michael Wigelsworth, Save the Children. This report argues that English children’s zones, which draw on the principles underpinning the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) in New York, offer a way of improving outcomes for these children.

Evaluation of the Full Service Extended Schools Initiative: Final Report  Colleen Cummings ,  Alan Dyson , Daniel Muijs , Ivy Papps , Diana Pearson  , Carlo Raffo , Lucy Tiplady  and Liz Todd  with Deanne Crowther. Full Service Extended Schools was a national programme in England in which all schools were required to work with their local communities, engage with parents, work in partnership with other agencies and provide care and additional education programmes for pupils after school.

Inequality and well-being in OECD Countries: What do we know?   Simon Chapple, Michael Forster and John P Martin. The 3rd OECD World Forum on “Statistics, Knowledge and Policy” Charting Progress, Building Visions, Improving Life Busan, Korea - 27-30 October 2009. Income inequality has widened in more than three-quarters of OECD countries over the past two decades (OECD 2008). This has happened during a period of economic growth. This article asks if we should revise our concept of progress to take account of the fact economic benefits  have not been distributed equally.

Measuring Social Return on Investment for Community Schools Laura Martinez and Cheryl D. Hayes. Children’s Aid Society, New York 2013. An SROI calculation is a relatively new approach used to capture social value by translating outcomes into financial and nonfinancial measures.3 It differs from a traditional cost-benefit analysis because it is a framework for exploring an organization’s “social value,” both in dollar terms (“social profit”) and qualitative impact. This case study is a landmark attempt to use SROI analysis to measure the value of the Children’s Aid community school model.

Proving the Path: Evaluation of Community Schools  Rueben Jacobson, Coalition of Community Schools, USA 2021. This is a draft review of evaluation reports and other research into the effectiveness of Community Schools in the USA.

Community Cohesion Leaflet This is a leadlfet given to schools in one local authority in the UK. It helps schools think about how they can encourage people from different groups in the community to live harmoniously toigether. 

Parent Participation in Schooling, School Health, Safety, Equity, Social & Sustainable Development  This is a digest of research papers. 

Learning for All Investing in People’s Knowledge and Skills to Promote Development This document sets out the strategy which the World Bank will take. It has some very important statements in it about the quality of learning and about equality. 
Inclusive Education in Low-income Countries This is a resource for teacher educators, parent trainers and community development workers