Our experts

The International Centre of Excellence for Community Schools offers a range of services tailored to suit the needs of individual clients.

We have experts who can:

  • custom build in-service training sessions for teaching staff, parents and other stakeholders
  • facilitate planning and decision making meetings
  • support you and staff as you make changes in your organisation
  • evaluate your work

How we work describes in greater detail the way in which we work

  • running enterprise programmes
  • with International Quality Standards for Community Schools
  • with health
  • to support NGOs
  • and in partnership with other agencies


We provide an intensive programme for teachers visiting Community Schools in the UK. During their stay participants visit Community Schools and meet with teachers, governors, parents, support services and politicians. This helps them plan ahead and to learn the lessons from those with long standing experience of working in and leading Community Schools. 


To find out more contact us and we can talk through your ideas and work out how we can help.