12 June

Poland Training for School Principals

ICECS staff ran two training sessions for school principals wishing to make the transition to Community Schools.

Participants were delighted to discover that they had already started to make the change. Many were already invlving parents, some were organising additional out of school events.

The training helped them to consider their progress and identify the next steps they could take. Each Principal was able to draw up a plan of action which suited their own school and to agree a timescale that was achievable.

They are now ready to introduce staff, pupils, parents and partners to the International Quality Standards for Community Schools. If you would like to know more write to us here

12 June

Ukraine training for teacher trainers

ICECS staff ran a two day training programme for in service teacher trainers.

Participants were already familiar with the International Quality Standards for Community Schools but this two day training course gave them a deeper understanding of the skills, knowledge and attitudes which Community School Principals need and how they can be supported.

The course also focused on the underpinning values and how understanding these have a direct impact on the experience of parents, pupils, staff and partners.

If you would like to know more write to us here

12 June

Healthy Families: messages for parents

The Lottery Funded Awards for All has almost finished.

This is a health literacy programme which we ran in partnership with Community Health & Learning Foundation.

Many parents do not understand essential health messages. For example, what size is a portion of food? When should I take my child to the dentist? Parents with literacy difficulties or who are not familiar with the language of the country to which they have migrated have extra difficulties.

We worked with parents to find out what they needed to know and how it should be provided and they told us a small handbag sized leaflet win very simple language would be best. This leaflet will be used by staff at kindergartens and primary schools to help parents care for their young children.

You can find a copy here

10 March

International Workshop on Engaging Parents

The International Quality Partnership Team is holding a workshop on 25th and 26th March in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Members of the team will be joined by 5 experts and together they will produce materials about working with parents. Watch this space for news of its publication. 

10 March

Healthy Families

ICECS has a new project funded under the UK Big Lottery Fund, Awards for All programme. 

The grant will fund: 
• Two focus groups, one with staff at Braunstone Children’s Centre serving a deprived community and one with parents of young children that use the Centre thus cross checking staff perceptions of families and their needs and those of the families themselves ensuring the finished resources will chime with families’ own priorities.
• The development of the materials, checking with health, literacy and numeracy experts
• A short report which will outline the activities we undertake, the barriers we may have encountered and how these were overcome so that others can use similar methodology for other issues. 

The finished materials will be avaialble on this website.