Introducing the International Quality Standards into your Community School(s)

We want to make sure that these Standards are used in the way we intended them.Ther are a self development tool and not an inspection tool, for example. Of course, the information you collect as you use the Standards can be presented as evidence to give inspectors if you so choose.  Also, we receommend the way in which you use them. We suggest that you gather together a team of people for the school - no more than 15 - staff, parents, pupils, and other agencies with which the school already works, representatives from local community organisations etc. This team will need to meet twice and it is best if the sessions are facilitated, preferably not by the headteacher. This will give him/her an opportunity to participate properly in the discussion. 

However, we also suggest that you receive our training first. This is a two or three day training programme and is ideal for several schoools at once with 2 or more staff from each participating. This will ensure that they fully understand the Standards and how they can be implemented right from the start. This is especially important if you are unfamiliar with self assessment tools. 

Send us an email by visiting our Contact page and we will arrange a Skype meeting and talk you through the whole process.