International Quality Standards

NGOs from 10 countries have worked together to produce these International Quality  Standards for Community Schools. 

In some countries Community Schools have evolved to tackle under attainment and in others they support democratisation of the country. Whatever the motivation, their staff will be using similar approaches and these Standards will help them develop their work. The Standards relate to: 

leadership, partnership, social inclusion, services, volunteering, lifelong learning, community development, parent engagement, school culture

For each of these Standards there are a set of indicators and for each indicator a set of descriptors. These are set in a self-assessment framework and are used as a school development tool. Teachers who have used them report that they help them articulate what they are trying to achieve and help them set priorities each year. 

Download our Quality Standards Leaflet which will give you a flavour. You can also see some Sample pages for International Quality Standards for Community Schools

Alongside the Standards there is a three day training programme and a set of Case Studies in English and in Russian which describe how Community Schools in different countries have used the Standards. 

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If you would like to find out more about our thinking behind each of these Standards then visit the Schools for All site.